Constraints fromD−D¯mixing in supersymmetric left-right symmetric models

Bhaskar Dutta, Yukihiro Mimura
2008 Physical Review D  
We study the constraint arising from the recently observed D - anti-D mixing in the context of supersymmetric models with left-right symmetry. In these models, the supersymmetric contributions in the mixing amplitudes of D - anti-D, K - anti-K and B - anti-B are all correlated. We compare the constraint from the D - anti-D mixing with the K - anti-K mixing and find that the D - anti-D mixing constrains the maximal supersymmetric contribution to the B_s - anti-B_s mixing amplitude. The maximal
more » ... persymmetric contribution can allow a large CP phase of B_s - anti-B_s mixing which agrees with the recent measurement of the CP asymmetry of B_s -> J/psi phi decay.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.77.051701 fatcat:5nx4kx3dhvhxzm3mjduq3s5bsy