Chapter 26

2003 Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History  
The late Paleocene phosphates of the Ouled Abdoun Basin in Morocco have yielded the skull of a new genus and species of side-necked turtle, Phosphatochelys tedfordi. Phosphatochelys is a pelomedusoid pleurodire belonging to the Family Bothremydidae Baur, 1891, based on these characters: (1) precolumellar fossa absent, (2) condylus occipitalis consisting only of exoccipitals, (3) foramen stapedio-temporale not visible in dorsal view and very close to foramen nervi trigemini, (4) eustachian tube
more » ... 4) eustachian tube and stapes separated by bone, (5) incisura columellae auris closed, and (6) exoccipital contacts quadrate. Within the Bothremydidae, Phosphatochelys is a member of the group containing Azabbaremys, Taphrosphys, Nigeremys, and Arenila, because it has a dorsally arched palate and an open postorbital wall.
doi:10.1206/0003-0090(2003)279<0644:c>;2 fatcat:aaecoyzxlnfehemboonc5rhjr4