Coastal Flooding Hazard Due to Overflow Using a Level II Method: Application to the Venetian Littoral

Chiara Favaretto, Luca Martinelli, Piero Ruol
2019 Water  
In recent years, marine flooding and its impacts have become a question of growing interest, since coastal areas are the most heavily populated and developed land zones in the world. This paper presents a rapid tool for mapping at regional scale the hazard associated with coastal flooding due to overflow. The tool merges a recently developed numerical model that solves a simplified form of the Shallow-Water Equations and is suited for Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration, with a Level II
more » ... eliability method that allows producing hazard maps of inland flooding propagation. The procedure was applied to two stretches of the Venetian littoral, i.e., Valle Vecchia and Caorle, located in the northern Adriatic Sea. The application includes the site descriptions and the resulting hazard maps that show the probability of failure in each point of the coast for a given inland inundation level.
doi:10.3390/w11010134 fatcat:53kdz6lc2jftbh5jmmtjsyqx3q