The Spiritual Value of the Creation Story

A.H. M'Neile
1905 Expository Times  
But He is rescuing sinners. He is seeking and saving the lost. Is that the way to fulfil the law and the prophets? Yes, that is the way. The Pharisees thought the law and the prophets were given for the sinner's condemnation. Even John the Baptist thought the Messiah was coming to fulfil the law and the prophets by cutting down the fruitless trees and casting them into the fire. So the Pharisees hated Him and cast Him out of the vineyard and killed Him. And even John the Baptist sent messengers
more » ... ist sent messengers to Him, 'Art thou he that should come, or look we for anothcr ?' They did not know, even the Baptist did not know, that the law was given, not to check and punish, but to show how to love. Even John the Baptist does not seem to have remembcrcd that the whole law is comprehended in that one saying, 'Thou shalt love.' He came not to destroy the law or the prophets. But some things will get destroyed. The flower is before the fruit. When the fruit comes the flower I perishes. Give your boy his books of adventure ; -, the day will come when he will cast them out, but the love of literature will remain with him. Give your little girl her dolls; some day they will lie forgotten and forlorn, but the love of children will remain in her woman's heart. What a struggle it was in the days when the Epistle to the Hebrews was written. The temple must go and the ark and the mercy-seat; the priests and the sacrifices must go : even the covenant itself must pass away. We shall never know what it cost that heroic soul to write down the words : ' In that he saith a new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.' Some things get destroyed. But not the law or the prophets. For the law and the prophets are love, and love never faileth. He came not to destroy love. He came to touch it into life, to foster it into a flame. We love, because He first loved. They that are least in the kingdom of heaven have already a righteousness that exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees. They are already perfect as their Father in heaven is perfect.
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