Dieta indigesta: milhares de animais marinhos estão consumindo plásticos

Maria Christina Barbosa Araújo, Jacqueline Santos Silva-Cavalcanti
2016 Revista Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade  
The following essay describes how marine animals have been affected by plastic residues in the ocean. The main objective is to describe a relevant and current problem that has affected thousands of animals in all oceans. The text builds a critic on the inappropriate solid waste disposal especially the problems related to its fragmentation and dispersal in the sea and its encounter with the marine fauna. Some studies showing several groups of animals affected by such problem are mentioned,
more » ... re mentioned, especially through the ingestion of residues or by being caught by it. The authors hope the text can help to spread the seriousness of such issue by stimulating the search for solutions in order to reduce the terrestrial residue source taken to the sea that can affect the marine fauna.
doi:10.22292/mas.v10i5.511 fatcat:sogwvyljwfaxvhux4svofmtoby