Nishikanta Naorem, Singh
2017 Asia Pacific Journal of Research   unpublished
Media has been serving a society, a nation or imprecisely the whole world since decades back, struggling itself against the rigid confinements imposed by the law of respective state. Literally when we are looking into this paradigm, it is the journalists who are battling in real sense. With the passes of time, the roles of journalists or media is overladen with responsibilities, it is not just to disseminate information rather to structure a wellbeing society. Once Thomas Jefferson said "I
more » ... rather live in a country with newspapers and without a government than in a country with a government but without newspapers." His quote exactly explains the immensely necessitate of media to govern and to develop a nation, quantifying the exposure of masses to the media so as to overcome the diplomatic hypocrisy. Submissive to the journalistic ethics and responsibilities, no journalists in Manipur left any stone unturned to ink the morning newspapers and to roll the prime time news. Unfortunately the authoritarianism of the diplomatic-masked democracy and broken governance system frequently deprived and challenged the fourth Estate and press freedom that makes enervate to the journalists in Manipur to prospectively carry out what they were supposed to. The hardships they have been toiling are not only about the economic or political turmoil rather it is about the insecurity and inhumanity which are ever hunchbacked by the journalists in their line of duty.