An Optimal Control-Based Formulation to Determine Natural Locomotor Paths for Humanoid Robots

Katja Mombaur, Jean-Paul Laumond, Eiichi Yoshida
2010 Advanced Robotics  
In this paper we explore the underlying principles of natural locomotion path generation of human beings. The knowledge of these principles is useful to implement biologically inspired path planning algorithms on a humanoid robot. By 'locomotion path' we denote the motion of the robot as a whole in the plane. The key to our approach is to formulate the path planning problem as an optimal control problem. We propose a single dynamic model valid for all situations, which includes both
more » ... c and holonomic modes of locomotion, as well as an appropriately designed unified objective function. The choice between holonomic and non-holonomic behavior is not accomplished by a switching model, but it appears in a smooth way, along with the optimal path, as a result of the optimization by efficient numerical techniques. The proposed model and objective function are successfully tested in six different locomotion scenarios. The resulting paths are implemented on the HRP-2 robot in the simulation environment OpenHRP as well as in the experiment on the real robot.
doi:10.1163/016918610x487090 fatcat:gquqwqnkobaxtbtmn4qlnm67sy