Cognitive Aspects-Based Short Text Representation with Named Entity, Concept and Knowledge

Wenfeng Hou, Qing Liu, Longbing Cao
2020 Applied Sciences  
Short text is widely seen in applications including Internet of Things (IoT). The appropriate representation and classification of short text could be severely disrupted by the sparsity and shortness of short text. One important solution is to enrich short text representation by involving cognitive aspects of text, including semantic concept, knowledge, and category. In this paper, we propose a named Entity-based Concept Knowledge-Aware (ECKA) representation model which incorporates semantic
more » ... ormation into short text representation. ECKA is a multi-level short text semantic representation model, which extracts the semantic features from the word, entity, concept and knowledge levels by CNN, respectively. Since word, entity, concept and knowledge entity in the same short text have different cognitive informativeness for short text classification, attention networks are formed to capture these category-related attentive representations from the multi-level textual features, respectively. The final multi-level semantic representations are formed by concatenating all of these individual-level representations, which are used for text classification. Experiments on three tasks demonstrate our method significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art methods.
doi:10.3390/app10144893 fatcat:uotbuk4tajcghmmwrlnkbkrfze