H1 Software Testing for pico-satellite "HORYU"
H1 超小型衛星「鳳龍」のソフトウエア試験(超小型衛星(2))

Tetsuro Harada, Mengu Cho
2011 The Proceedings of the Space Engineering Conference  
HORYU " a10cmx10cmx10cm CUBESAT , has been developed by students group ofKyusyu Institute ofTechnology , Japan. 丕 nsystem engineering , the important element to success is to test welL Not only system test but also level of sub −system and colnponent tests is required . In such a level tests , feasibility , interfaces between subsystem and subsystem , and robustness , are checked
doi:10.1299/jsmesec.2010.19._h1-1_ fatcat:pm2vonwopvclnfjpvixiyjrsse