Investigation engineering properties of soils in Fiche town

Sifna Shemiye, Feto Esimo (PhD)
A soils investigation is an essential part of the design and construction of a proposed building or infrastructure. Fiche is a town in central Ethiopia, 115 km from Addis Ababa and under developing town in the country. The objectives of this research are to investigate basic engineering properties of soil in the town by conducting laboratory tests and to prepare soil map of . In order to meet the objectives of this research, 16 (Sixteen) disturbed and 6(six) undisturbed samples conducted at 1.5
more » ... and 2.5m from 10 (Ten) representative pit samples in the town to done laboratory tests such as natural moisture content, specific gravity, wet and dry sieve grain size analysis, Atterberg limit, one dimensional consolidation / odometer/ and Tri-axial test. After analysis, moisture of the area ranges from 22.40%-43.11%, specific gravity ranging from 2.67-2.83. Liquid limit of soil ranges from 62-88%, plastic limit ranges from 28-36% and plasticity index ranges from 32-54%. Soil of the study area classified as CH and ML highly plastic clay and low plastic silt respectively. The compression and swelling indexes vary from 0.218 to 0.407 and 0.028 to 0.072 respectively. Coefficient of consolidation range from 1.23 to 2.46-cm2/min, Angle of friction (ф) ranges 9.270-10.330, Un drained shear strength, (Cu) 34.59 -36.33 KN/m2. Clay soils in this area have low coefficient of permeability and magnitude of settlement. Some correlation between index properties and engineering properties parameters were developed. Finally using test results and secondary data geotechnical suited soil properties were mapped
doi:10.20372/nadre/19978 fatcat:35llcpu5c5cdvlrwekj5kvc3vi