Photonic crystal channel drop filter with a wavelength-selective reflection micro-cavity

Hongliang Ren, Chun Jiang, Weisheng Hu, Mingyi Gao, Jingyuan Wang
2006 Optics Express  
In the paper, a novel three-port channel drop filter in two dimensional photonic crystals (2D PCs) with a wavelength-selective reflection micro-cavity is proposed. In the structure, two micro-cavities are used. One is used for a resonant tunneling-based channel drop filter. The other is used to realize wavelength-selective reflection feedback in the bus wave-guide, which consists of a point defect micro-cavity side-coupled to a line defect waveguide based on photonic crystals. Using coupled
more » ... theory in time, the conditions to achieve 100% drop efficiency are derived thoroughly. The simulation results by using the finite-difference timedomain (FDTD) method imply that the design is feasible.
doi:10.1364/oe.14.002446 pmid:19503584 fatcat:ygbtmuatczhu7mlknhjg2ah3si