Shock waves and Cerenkov radiation in electromagnetic substratum

H. E. Wilhelm
1991 International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences  
TheEMfields of charged particles moving with velocityvin a physical vacuum with wave carrier (substratum) are determined by means of the generalized, Galilei covariant Maxwell equations for inertial frames∑. with substratum floww. In this Galilean approach, all velocities have absolute meaning relative to the substratum rest frame∑o, and the relative velocity of material particles is given by the linear Galilean relationvG=v1−v2, permitting in principle superluminal relative velocities|vG|>co.
more » ... velocities|vG|>co. Inter alias, the possibility ofEMshock waves and Cerenkov radiation in the vacuum substratum is discussed. Experiments are proposed to test the theoretical predictions.
doi:10.1155/s0161171291001047 fatcat:duis65pvzjdj5hotnwzcmzi7gi