Morphology of a Blend of Zinc Neutralized Sulfonated Poly(Phenylene Oxide) or Polystyrene and an Amino Silicone

Alan A. Jones, Paul T. Inglefield, Changlai Yang, Pamela Bergquist, Jiefeng Shi, Roger P. Kambour, George D. Wignall, Henri-Noel Migeon, Jean-Paul Martin
1996 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings  
Materiaux, 162aAvenue de la FaiRncerie, Lwembourg City G1511, Luxembourg M S t C U X A polymer.blend of an ionomer based on zinc neutrctlized sulfonated poly@henylene o d e ) or polystyrene with a silicone copiymerwt&in.hg 6.45% propyhnh goups in place 0 8 of one of the methyl groups on a backbone silicon was prepared. Carbon-I3 magic angle s inning spectra show coordination of the amine by the zinc ions. Morphological c~acterization was made by NMR qectroscopy based on proton sph diffusion, by
more » ... small angle x-ray scattedng and by energy fittered bliaDsmiSSion eiectron mkmscopy. All experimentS show domains in the range of 1 to loo0 nm and domain size can be controlled by the extent of coordination of the d e groups by the zinc ions and by themd history. The different morphological expsliments lead to an apparent hierarchy of domain sizes. The NMR experiment yields the smallest domains, 2 t~ 10 m, where; contrast is produced b diffemccs dcroscopy indicates domains in the range of 100 to lo00 nm.
doi:10.1557/proc-461-25 fatcat:lmzy2lnamzbu5hlxv43erqchly