New Approach to theμ−BμProblem of Gauge-Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking

Csaba Csáki, Adam Falkowski, Yasunori Nomura, Tomer Volansky
2009 Physical Review Letters  
We present a new approach to the mu-Bmu problem of gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking. Rather than reducing the generically large contribution to Bmu we point out that acceptable electroweak symmetry breaking can be achieved with mu^2 << Bmu if at the same time Bmu << m_Hd^2. This hierarchy can easily appear in models where the Higgs fields are directly coupled to the supersymmetry breaking sector. Such models can yield novel electroweak symmetry breaking vacua, can deal with the
more » ... ith the supersymmetric flavor and CP problems, allow for gauge coupling unification, and result in distinct phenomenological predictions for the spectrum of superparticles.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.102.111801 pmid:19392191 fatcat:uhjzfc5qsrhsfodp6x5bq33aya