Substituted ferrocenes and iodine as synergistic thermoelectrochemical heat harvesting redox couples in ionic liquids

E. H. B. Anari, M. Romano, W. X. Teh, J. J. Black, E. Jiang, J. Chen, T. Q. To, J. Panchompoo, L. Aldous
2016 Chemical Communications  
We demonstrate that combining two redox couples, in this case ferrocene–ferrocenium and iodide–triiodide, can result in a synergistic enhancement in the electrochemical thermal energy harvesting properties. Electron withdrawing groups on the ferrocene enhance this effect.
doi:10.1039/c5cc05889a pmid:26563939 fatcat:kwzyx4a5wre7bo5fkwaqlfgoyy