A Layered Authoring Model for Constructing Interactive Virtual Environment

Michitoshi Ishiwaka, Seiki Inoue
1998 ITE Technical Report  
It is diencult and important for virtual studio systems and mediaart products to be designed effective interactions be{ween a performance person, who appears in the studio, and the virtual studio equipments, and, an appreciation person and artistic products. The difficulties originate with no eyen-grained component and no framework of interaction design work. In this article, a layered authoring model is proposed in order to facilitate system designers and artists to construct the system more
more » ... sily and flexibty using fine-grained media components. And some experimental interactive virtual environments based on the model are shown. construction.
doi:10.11485/itetr.22.2.0_7 fatcat:3j4y5ctpkveevj5c5p4vjvizya