An SO(10) × S4 scenario for naturally degenerate neutrinos

Dae-Gyu Lee, R.N. Mohapatra
1994 Physics Letters B  
The simplest scenario for the three known light neutrinos that fits the solar and atmospheric neutrino deficit and a mixed dark matter (MDM) picture of the universe requires them to be highly degenerate with m_ν∼ 1 - 2 eV. We propose an SO(10) grand unified model with an S_4-horizontal symmetry that leads naturally to such a scenario. An explicit numerical analysis of the quark and lepton sector of the model shows that it can lead to desired mass differences to fit all data only for the small
more » ... gle non-adiabatic MSW solution to the solar neutrino puzzle.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(94)91091-x fatcat:obrp5erv3jfwnfa55d5lclr5cm