A Forty-Segment Molecular Synchrotron

Peter C. Zieger, Chris J. Eyles, Sebastiaan Y. T. van de Meerakker, André J. A. van Roij, Hendrick L. Bethlem, Gerard Meijer
2013 Zeitschrift fur physikalische Chemie (Munchen. 1991)  
We present a synchrotron for polar molecules consisting of 40 straight hexapoles arranged in a circle with a 50 cm diameter. The mechanical design and alignment procedure as well as the trigger scheme used to switch the voltages applied to the hexapoles are described in detail. The stability of the synchrotron is demonstrated by measurements in which multiple packets are stored for over 13 s, during which they have completed over 1000 round trips and traveled a distance of over one mile.
more » ... er one mile. Furthermore, we demonstrate the simultaneous trapping of 26 packets; 13 revolving clock-wise and 13 counter clock-wise, that are injected into the synchrotron by two Stark decelerator beamlines. We discuss the opportunities for using the synchrotron as a low-energy collider.
doi:10.1524/zpch.2013.0418 fatcat:eepcxqyfqnaorb3k243ucpqoui