Differences in Endosperm Proteins Between Yellow Berry and Normal Triticales

Jerold A. Bietz, Govind C. Sharma
1983 Crop science  
Endosperm proteins involved in the expression of the yellow berry (VB) phenomena in triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) were investigated. The protein fractions isolated from single kernels of normal and VB triticales were characterized by electrophoresis combined with densitometry and by high-performance gel filtration chromatography. Electrophoresis of gliadins revealed significant qualitative differences between VB and normal types; in addition, multiple biotypes were apparent in some
more » ... Reduced glutenin subunits of no1"'" mal and VB triticales had very similar molecular weight distributions, but subtle differences in amino acid composition and sequence were revealed by different detection methods. Results indicated that no1"'" mal triticales contain more residue protein (unreduced high molecular weight glutenin) than VB kernels. Consequently, numerous subtle quantitative and qualitative differences in amounts of various protein types seem to influence interactions of proteins with each other and with starch. These interactions may lead to the differences in endosperm vitreosity and hardness between normal and VB kernels.
doi:10.2135/cropsci1983.0011183x002300040024x fatcat:kfbq44cogbcqzo5hrgk34no4hu