The Practice and Reflection of Digital Labor from the Perspective of Post-Modernism

He Na, Junqi Li
2022 Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities  
With the development of information technology, digitalization has penetrated into our daily life, especially in the transcendence of time and space. People's perception of time is accelerating under the wave of informationization. Human activities have become quantifiable, virtual, and ubiquitous "digital labor" in the vast cyberspace. Based on Harvey's postmodern Marxist perspective, the deconstruction and criticism of modern rationality return to the reflection and confrontation of
more » ... lized subjectivity in the framework of value rationality. The post-industrial era has entered a stage of elastic accumulation, where modernity and post-modernity, rationality and value, humanism and science are in constant conflict and collision in economic, social and cultural development. Also, the compression of space and time has expanded the production space of traditional labor that is contrary to modernity, has intensified the exploitation of private ownership under the logic of capital. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the production and practice of digital labor in the postmodernist perspective, reveal the material nature behind digital labor in the intelligent society, and look forward to the orderly governance and reflection of digital labor based on the logic of historical materialism.
doi:10.56397/jrssh.2022.11.11 fatcat:3miqy5nvdnchfj6d6tiee65lv4