Risk Level Assessment On Road Construction s Contractors Using Cultural Professionalism Based Approach

2015 Third International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering - ACSM 2015   unpublished
This study aimed to analyze the characteristics of potential risk and the risk levels to the contractors in a road construction project and its impact on service providers (contractors), and to make a risk assessment model with multi-criteria to the contractors in road construction projects. Objective contractors road construction is not optimal due to non-performance risk management in the project with the right. This study is done in the form of a survey by capturing the opinions or
more » ... s, experiences and attitudes of respondents implementing on road construction. Parameters indicating the risk of road construction projects were model and tested using the methodology of Expert Choice to describe, quantify and demonstrate the risk level, allocation, and response in road construction projects with different risk variables. Results of the study firstly identified 281 risks for the road construction including 57 non-technical, 39 technical, 36 financial, 76 cultural, 38 work health and safety management aspect and 35 environmental aspects. Secondly the weight of the objective indicators on the risk of road construction work was assessed for cost 0.370, time 0.252, quality 0.184, work health and safety management 0.120, and environmental 0.074. The weight of objective criteria for cost risks was also assessed for non-technical 0.113, technical 0.247, financial 0.185, cultural 0.304, work health and safety management 0.083 and environmental 0.068 aspects. Thirdly risk map was divided into 116 extreme risks (41.28%), 153 high risks (54.45%), 12 medium risks (4.27%) and none of the low risk. Fourthly risk allocation was risk for road construction projects covered 36. 03 risk retention, 19.82 risk reduction, 26. 47 risk avoidance and 16.90 risk transfer.
doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-083-5-94 fatcat:62y2gfxwhvd7tkjw4yxuzohh6i