Mining Customer Feedback Documents

Eduard Alexandru Stoica, Esra Kahya Özyirmidokuz
2015 International Journal of Knowledge Engineering-IACSIT  
Managing customer feedback data has become a necessity for firms in order for them to gain competitive advantage in the sector. Analyzing customer complaints' data to find useful information that's hidden is an important step in understanding customers. This important, hidden knowledge must be extracted automatically to allow firms to gain a better understanding of the general market and of their own and their competitors' customers. A firm can learn the needs of customers and show how its
more » ... cts and services satisfy these needs by analyzing these documents. The aim of this research is to summarize and extract data from unstructured customer feedback documents which are about ignoring subscriptions to a telecommunication firm in Turkey. The data are transformed to a collection of documents by generating a document for each record. Text processing techniques are applied. Cosine similarity analysis is used to classify documents into relevant categories. Clusters are determined.
doi:10.7763/ijke.2015.v1.12 fatcat:l2rh2rvv3jeixky7nhvbxdbbii