People-Centred Approach for ICT Tools Supporting Energy Efficient and Healthy Behaviour in Buildings

Ana Tisov, Dan Podjed, Simona D'Oca, Jure Vetršek, Eric Willems, Peter Op't Veld
2018 Proceedings (MDPI)  
This paper attempts to alter a prevailing assumption that buildings use energy to an 10 understanding that in fact, people use energy. Therefore, to successfully accelerate the transition to a 11 low-carbon society and economy more emphasis should be on motivating people and increasing their 12 awareness by making them energy conscious building users and therefore active players in the 13 energy transition process. In this context, this paper provides insights from the Horizon 2020 14 MOBISTYLE
more » ... project. It demonstrates research and development approaches, highlights the main 15 project objectives, and presents findings of an ethnographic (qualitative) study of users' habits, 16 practices, and needs. The aim of the project is to motivate behavioural change by raising consumer 17 awareness through the provision of attractive personalized information on user's energy use, indoor 18 environment and health, all enabled by an integrated information and communication technology 19 (ICT) service. In this context, the anthropological people-centred approach is integrated into the 20 MOBISTYLE approach putting users at the centre of the ICT tools development process. The main 21 quantitative objective of the project is a reduction of energy use for at least 16 % prompted by the 22 provision of combined information and feedback systems on energy, indoor environmental quality 23 (IEQ) and health. The most relevant motivational factors and key performance indicators (KPIs) for 24 encouraging a more energy conscious and healthy lifestyle were defined by means of a people-25 centred approach, adopting anthropological inquiries in different settings. Information about users' 26 lifestyles and their needs was collected in focus groups with potential users in five case studies, 27 located in different European Union (EU) countries. Behaviour change is achieved through 28 awareness campaigns, which encourage users to be pro-active about their energy consumption and 29 to simultaneously improve health and well-being. 30 Keywords: Energy use, indoor environment, health, behaviour change, awareness campaign, people-31 centred approach. 32 Preprints ( | NOT PEER-REVIEWED |
doi:10.3390/proceedings1070675 fatcat:6ii2ltjuprdnvj75lriy66ic3u