Water Quality Characteristics Evaluation by Flow Conditions Using Load Duration Curve - in Youngbon A Watershed -
부하지속곡선을 이용한 유량 조건별 수질특성 평가 - 영본A 유역을 대상으로 -

Jinhwan Park, Kapsoon Kim, Jaewoon Jung, Kyungsup Hwang, Myungjin Moon, Sangin Ham, Byungjin Lim
2013 Journal of Environmental Impact Assessment  
This study was conducted to identify runoff characteristics of pollutants using flow duration curve(FDC) and load duration curve(LDC) in Youngbon A watershed during 2009~2011. A flow rate and pollutant load in the study watershed were estimated by equation of stage-discharge and discharge-loads rating curve. From these methods, BOD, T-N, and T-P have evaluated whether water quality standards would have attained. Results showed that BOD loads of about 50% plotted above the LDC, while T-N and T-P
more » ... loads of about 50% plotted below the curve. It means that BOD of about 50% have exceeded the water quality criteria, while T-N and T-P of about 50% have complied with the water quality standards. Meanwhile, BOD, TN and T-P loads plotted above the LDC of low flows, implying that they were more affected by point pollution sources than nonpoint pollution sources in the study watershed.
doi:10.14249/eia.2013.22.4.319 fatcat:lfl4zlhxubhkfbcgeks35xyb54