Spin Hall mode in a trapped thermal Rashba gas

J. Armaitis, J. Ruseckas, H. T. C. Stoof, R. A. Duine
2017 Physical Review A  
We theoretically investigate a two-dimensional harmonically-trapped gas of identical atoms with Rashba spin-orbit coupling and no interatomic interactions. In analogy with the spin Hall effect in uniform space, the gas exhibits a spin Hall mode. In particular, in response to a displacement of the center-of-mass of the system, spin-dipole moment oscillations occur. We determine the properties of these oscillations exactly, and find that their amplitude strongly depends on the spin-orbit coupling
more » ... strength and the quantum statistics of the particles.
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.053625 fatcat:4bdsu2vrbbbcjftlr32ntku7cu