Ali Husham Abo Sablan, Melina Calmon
2020 Forensic Science International: Reports  
The supratrochlear foramen (STF) is a perforation in the septum that separates the coronoid fossae and the olecranon, in the distal portion of the humerus. The supratrochlear foramen is present in some humans, with an incidence rate that varies greatly between populations. There are currently no studies in the literature on the frequency of the STF in Iraqi populations. This study details new data on the frequency of the supratrochlear foramen among three distinct populations (Kurdish, Yazidi
more » ... d Arab) within Iraq. The STF was studied in 206 skeletonized adult remains (2 females, 204 males) of the Yazidi population, 49 skeletonized adult female of the Kurdish population, and 51 skeletonized adult male remains sampled of the Arab population. The overall frequency of STF was 25.98%, 30.61%, and 21.56% for Yazidi, Kurdish, and Arab populations, respectively, and the total general frequency was 25.81%. These percentages fall within a medium to high range distribution when compared to other populations studied in previous research. The present provides new data to the literature on STF. It is important because it sheds light into the frequency of this feature between different populations of close geographical regions. Moreover, researchers can use this initial study as basis for clinical, radiological, and anatomical considerations related to that anatomical area.
doi:10.1016/j.fsir.2020.100107 fatcat:fkdb6j6djbdz3ijpihcmqgudeq