A Mapping of Islamization of Accounting

Nurika Restuningdiah, Vega Wafaretta, Rizka Furqorina
2020 KnE Social Sciences  
Objective - Most scholars agree that Islamic accounting should incorporate Al-Quran and Hadith, but they have different perspectives relating to how far accounting to be Islamized. Therefore, this study aims to map the Islamization of accounting based on different approaches and describe the gaps and opportunities of developing Islamic accounting theory. Methods - This study uses meta-aggregation consisting of scoping the focus, selecting previous studies, identifying the data, synthesizing the
more » ... findings, and producing a synthesized discovery. Results - Findings discovered three main syntheses. First, constructive approach proposes a pure Islamic accounting. Second, contrary to constructive, pragmatic approach adjusts contemporary accounting with sharia. Third, hybrid approach mediates between constructive and pragmatic, which considers Islamic values and social benefits. Conclusion - Each approach has its opportunities to be developed so that they can go through together to complement each other. This study limits only mapping by literature review. The results implicate to provide ideas to develop Islamic accounting through three approaches identified. Keywords: Islamization, Islamic accounting, constructive approach, pragmatic approach, hybrid approach.
doi:10.18502/kss.v4i9.7341 fatcat:nnl4snom3nhmjkqkfbwvfce47e