Performance of agricultural tractor consuming diesel and biodiesel derived from babassu (Orbinya martiana)

Thyago Augusto Medeiros Lira, Ariston Pinto Santos, Thaisa Calvo Fugineri Moreti, Afonso Lopes, Melina Cais Jejcic de Oliveira, Murilo Coelho Theodoro Neves, Priscila Sawasaki Iamaguti, Leomar Paulo de Lima, Gilberto Hirotsugu Azevedo Koike, Rogerio de Abreu Silva
2019 Australian Journal of Crop Science  
Biodiesel is an alternative fuel to diesel engines. This study aimed to evaluate fuel consumption and smoke density of agricultural tractors fueled by biodiesel, diesel, and biodiesel/diesel mixtures in a tilled field. Treatments consisted of distilled methyl ester (biodiesel) of babassu (Orbinya martiana) and seven combinations of it with two standard diesel fuels (B S1800 and B S50). The blending ratios were 0, 5, 15, 25, 50, and 100% biodiesel in diesel oil (B0, B5, B15, B25, B50, and B100,
more » ... espectively). Regarding the results for hourly volumetric consumption, no difference was found between B0 and B100 when using B S1800, whereas an 8% increase was observed when using the S50. The weighted hourly consumption increased by 11.29 and 16.9% from B0 to B100 using B S1800 and B S50, respectively. Similarly, the specific fuel consumption increased by 11.1% and 14.3% from B0 to B100 using B S1800 and B S50, respectively. Yet, when comparing B0 and B S1800, the smoke density reduction was 68.6% and between B S50 and B100 was 58.0%. Our findings show that babassu biodiesel is a suitable substitute for diesel oil, without causing any damage to the tractor's engine.
doi:10.21475/ajcs.19.13.07.p983 fatcat:7sbh4qj33bh3bl3nfraewnnvzm