Elastic modulus of halloysite nanotubes

B Lecouvet, J Horion, C D'Haese, C Bailly, B Nysten
2013 Nanotechnology  
This work reports measurements of the elastic modulus of halloysite nanotubes. Nanoscale three-point bending tests were performed on individual nanotubes using an atomic force microscope. Nanotubes exhibit elastic behaviour at small deformations. The stiffness of the tubes, and hence their elastic modulus, was deduced from force curve measurements using an appropriate mechanical model. The boundary conditions were also identified by recording the stiffness profile of a tube along its suspended
more » ... ength. An average elastic modulus of 140 GPa is obtained for a set of tubes with outer diameters ranging between 50 and 160 nm. Moreover, the elastic modulus increases with decreasing outer diameter, with a steep jump below 50 nm. The size dependence of the elastic modulus may be attributed to: (i) surface tension effects for thinner tubes and (ii) a non-negligible contribution of shear deformations to the total deflection for larger tubes.
doi:10.1088/0957-4484/24/10/105704 pmid:23426014 fatcat:a3ugvpjlxrhrxg5sx2g2wi25xu