A hermeneutical genealogy of the poeticization of signs in Nietzsche's philosophy of body
Genealogía hermeneútica de la poetización de los signos en la filosofía nietzscheana de la corporalidad

Jesús Conill Sancho
2016 Anuario Filosófico  
The main objective of this article is to show that Nietzsche's genealogy reveals the semiotic and hermeneutical character of all human activities and that its origin is rooted in the body of the imaginative animal, especially in the poeticizing power of its imagination. Thus is revealed the great signifi cance of Nietzsche's philosophy of body, which provides a more complete approach for transforming contemporary philosophy, and can also help us to move past current neurophilosophy.
doi:10.15581/ fatcat:rjcken2oonckpnbctqwe7jnasm