Automatic Control

By Modern Control System, C Richard, Prentice Dorf, Hall
By J. J. Distofano et al. Automatic Control   unpublished
To gain basic understanding and implementation of various control systems To learn mathematical modeling of various systems S. No. CLO/PLOS MAPPING DOMAIN PLO 1 Make mathematical models of different physical systems P4 03 2 Analyze complex engineering systems to examine different characteristics/properties of the systems C4 02 3 Develop a controller to achieve desired system response. C5 03 COURSE CONTENTS Basic concepts: System, control system, input, output, open-loop and closed loop control
more » ... losed loop control systems, elements of a general control system, examples of control system. Mathematical modeling of physical system: Operational notation, grounded chair representation, series parallel, laws, equations of motion for spring mass damper systems, levered system, rotational system, geared system, electrical components and R. L. C circuits, electrical analogies for mechanical systems, scale factors, thermal systems and fluid system. Transfer functions and systems response: Review of Laplace transform, impulse, step and ramp functions, concept of transfer functions of common components, block diagram algebra, signal flow graphs, impulse, step, and ramp response of first and second order systems, characterization of response (time constant, gain, overshoot, rise time, settling time, steady state error, etc.) Relation of system response to location of system poles and zeros. Stability of control system: