Nonlinear dynamics of tube arrays in cross flow [report]

S.S. Chen, Y. Cai, S. Zhu
1994 unpublished
Fluidelastic instabilityof loosely supportedtubearrayswas studied analyticallyand experimentally. This is one of the importantpracticalproblemsof autonomousfluid-structure systems with many interestingmotions. Both fluid. dampingand fluid-stiffness controlled instabilities were investigated. Depending on the system parameters,the dynamicresponse of thetubes includesperiodic"quasipcfiedic,and chaotic motions. The analyticalmodel is based on the unsteady flow theory, which can predict the
more » ... r dynamics of tube mTaysin cross flow. For fluiddampingcontrolled instability,analyticalresultsand!;xpcrimental dataagree reasonablywell.
doi:10.2172/10141754 fatcat:xc6dqj5zxna7lggkpz57yfxoxi