A better transient response, better PSRR and low quiescent current capacitor-less low drop out regulator

Shyam Dubey, Vinod Sonkar, Deepak Sharma
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
This paper presents a capacitor less LDO voltage regulator by varying the substrate voltage using IBM 90-nm technology which improves the performance of LDO voltage regulator by increasing the value of PSRR at high. Low drop out regulator (LDO) is a regulator which provide the difference between unregulated input and regulated output voltage while driving the load to its require range and also provide the require load current. LDO is an essential part of the power management system that
more » ... system that provides constant voltage supply with improved transient response i.e. they should be capable of responding quickly to changes in load current. Increased demands of LDO make it important part of various fields like portable devices, biomedical devices, MCUs etc. Simulated results shows ΔVout is less than 1 mV for 5 pF at 1uA load current with 54 uA quiescent current and 50 dB at 10KHz.