Innovative Engineering Design of the High-Angle Conveyor for Mining of Deep-Seated Mineral Deposits

Glebov Andrey Valerjevich
2018 Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science  
Annotation The article analyzes the engineering design and the process of transportation of coarse-grained rock mass by two-contour steep-inclined conveyors with stationary clamping devices, shows their most significant disadvantages. It shows the structure of the dual steeply inclined conveyor with a moving clamping elements, developed by the staff of the Institute of Mining UB RAS, the design feature of which is the implementation of the clamping elements in the form of corrugations affixed
more » ... the outer (working) belt surface of the load carrying profile. Design features of the steep-slope belt conveyor with moving clamping elements in form of corrugations provide a reliable rise of uneven flow of rock mass due to: the simultaneous use of forced pressing of the transported material in the chute of the load-bearing belt and of the effect of deep fluting; clamping elements moving synchronously with the load-bearing belt, resilient-elastic properties of clamping elements, allowing them to perform an additional supporting function for the transported material. Studies have shown that the developed design provides an increase in the coefficient of use of the equipment in 2 times, reducies tape wear by 20-40%, compared with foreign analogues. It is established that with the annual capacity of the complexes of cyclic-flow technology (CFT) of 5-10 million tonne the steeply inclined conveyors should be used on the hoisting heights of the rock mass more than 100-200m. This reduces unit operating costs by 5-20% and capital costs by 13-30% for complexes of CFT with steeply inclined conveyors. Furthermore, the use of steeply inclined conveyor allows to increase the productivity per worker of CFT complex by 8-20%. With the increased capacity of complexes up to 20-30 million ton per year steeply inclined conveyors should be used for hoisting heights of the rock mass more than 200-300m. Under these conditions, the small difference in unit operating costs (less than 10%), capital costs for complexes of CFT with steeply inclined conveyors are reduced by 10-22%. Volume 2 -Issue -2 8. Burr AN (2003) Prospects of application of steeply inclined conveyors with pressure belt at the CCT. Mining Journal 6: 52-56.
doi:10.31031/amms.2018.02.000535 fatcat:vhq5e7wm4jh55fhxclyzqztsea