Mixing asymmetries inBmeson systems, the D0 like-sign dimuon asymmetry, and generic new physics

F. J. Botella, G. C. Branco, M. Nebot, A. Sánchez
2015 Physical Review D  
The measurement of a large like-sign dimuon asymmetry A^b_SL by the D0 experiment at the Tevatron departs noticeably from Standard Model expectations and it may be interpreted as a hint of physics beyond the Standard Model contributing to Δ B≠ 0 transitions. In this work we analyse how the natural suppression of A^b_SL in the SM can be circumvented by New Physics. We consider generic Standard Model extensions where the charged current mixing matrix is enlarged with respect to the usual 3× 3
more » ... ary Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, and show how, within this framework, a significant enhancement over Standard Model expectations for A^b_SL is easily reachable through enhancements of the semileptonic asymmetries A^d_SL and A^s_SL of both B^0_d - B̅^0_d and B^0_s - B̅^0_s systems. Despite being insufficient to reproduce the D0 measurement, such deviations from SM expectations may be probed by the LHCb experiment.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.91.035013 fatcat:2jkgjehdfjfpvdyjjuzxthsume