Late Presentation of Post Diphtheritic Myocarditis in a 15-year Male

Sharada Kutty, Vinod, Nitin Gupta, Harsh Sahu, Naveet Wig
A 15-year old male patient presented to us with dyspnoea for four days. He had a history of fever, pseudo-membranous tonsillitis and cervical adenopathy twenty-five days prior to the presentation. On examination and laboratory investigations, he had features suggestive of myocarditis with biventricular failure. There was no reliable history of immunisation and he had a positive history of contact. He was planned for anti-diphtheria toxin but before the anti-toxin could be initiated, the patient
more » ... succumbed to refractory cardiogenic shock. This was a rare case of late onset diphtheritic myocarditis in an unimmunised adult. With the advent of universal immunisation, there has been a significant decline in the incidence but there is still some road to cover.