Eye Ball Movement based Cursor using Raspberry PI

T. H. Feiroz Khan
2018 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Some peoples cannot able to operate computers because of an illness. The idea of eye controls of great use to not only the future of natural input but more importantly the handicapped and disabled. Moreover, implementing a controlling system in it enables them to operate computer without the help of another person. It is more helpful to handicapped peoples. Those are need to operate computers without hand this one is most useful those can operate cursor by movement of eye. In this paper Camera
more » ... s capturing the image of eye movement. First detect pupil center position of eye. Then the different variation on pupil position gets different movement of cursor. What all these applications have in common is that the use of personal computers is mostly based on the input method via keyboard and mouse. While this is not a problem for a healthy individual, this may be an insurmountable bound for people with limited freedom of movement of their limbs. In these cases it would be preferable to use input methods which are based on more abilities of the region such as eye movements. To enable such substitute input methods a system was made which follows a low-price approach to control a mouse cursor on a computer system. The eye tracker is based on images recorded by a mutated webcam to acquire the eye movements. These eye movements are then graphed to a computer screen to position a mouse cursor accordingly. The movement of mouse by automatically adjusting the position where of eyesight. Camera is used to capture the image of eye movement.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2018.4552 fatcat:35ta5wc5qfbmtb2nnarvri6akm