Staff development challenges in the adoption of e-teaching and learning in higher education

Makina, Madiope
In the last few decades teaching strategies and delivery methodologies have been challenged tremendously by rapidly changing social needs and perpetually changing global realities transformed by among others innovative technologies. However, little research has been done to identify the feelings and experiences by lecturers during the change towards online teaching and learning. The aim of this paper is to document the challenges of lecturers at the University of South Africa (UNISA) during the
more » ... (UNISA) during the process of change towards online teaching and learning. Through a pilot case study within the framework of UNISA, the experiences, in terms of staff development, of four lecturers were analytically and qualitatively documented through face to face interviews. This study was of an exploratory nature and used an inductive qualitative approach to gain insight into why lecturers continue to be negative and struggle towards technology integration practices. Results brought about new questions and insights towards understanding the broader role of UNISA in moving lecturers towards online teaching and learning. It revealed the first step to dealing constructively with the challenges of lecturers' attitudes and staff development on the change horizon. The practical implications of this paper provide university support staff and university management with suggestions for technology acquisition and staff development for lecturers in higher education institutions.