Intermediate-Level Visual Representations and the Construction of Surface Perception

Paul Sajda, Leif H. Finkel
1995 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
Visual processing has often been divided into three stages-sentation of ownership provides a central locus for visual early, intermediate, and high level vision, which roughly corre-integration. Our simulations show the ability to segment real spond to the sensation, perception, and cognition of the visual and illusory images in a manner consistent with human perworld. In this paper, we present a network-based model of ception. In addition, through ownership, other processes such
more » ... vel vision that focuses on how surfaces might as depth, transparency, and surface completion can interact be represented in visual cortex. We propose a mechanism for with one another to organize an image into a perceptual representing surfaces through the establishment of "owner-scene. shipx-a selective binding of contours and regions. The repre-
doi:10.1162/jocn.1995.7.2.267 pmid:23961828 fatcat:tpq2au3ypngtvgqwjiuz222gjm