A Study on Welding Process Algorithm through Real-time Current Waveform Analysis
실시간 공정신호를 통한 용접공정 알고리즘에 관한 연구

Jin Young Yoon, Young Min Lee, Soon Cheol Shin, Hae Woon Choi
2015 Journal of Welding and Joining  
The current waveform was analysed to monitor the weld quality in real time process. The acquired current waveform was discretely analysed for the top and bottom limits of peaks as well as the pulse frequency measurement. Fast Fourier Transform was implemented in the program to monitor the pulse frequency in real time. The developed algorithm or program was tested for the validation purpose. The cross-section of weld profile was compared to the current waveform profile to correlate the monitored
more » ... signal and the actual parts. Pulse frequency was also used as auxiliary tool for the quality monitoring. Based on the results, it was possible to evaluate the quality of welding by measure the current waveform profile and frequency measurement.
doi:10.5781/jwj.2015.33.4.24 fatcat:f5wommju5jgk5dc62a6szop7sq