Liquid Structure Analysis of High Temperature Molten Metals with the Use of Electrostatic Levitator

Tadahiko MASAKI, Takehiko ISHIKAWA, Shinichi YODA
International journal of microgravity science and application  
The structure of undercooling liquid state is one of the important subjects of materials science. The levitation tech niques are powerful tools for the investigation of undercooled liquids. In this research, we developed the electrostatic levi tation furnace for the liquid structure analysis due to the neutron and xray diraction methods. The apparatus was test ed by using a synchrotron radiation facility, a laboratory Xray source and a reactor. The structures of several kinds of materials were
more » ... nvestigated and the liquid structures can be measured with high precision.
doi:10.15011/jasma.23.1.2 fatcat:vt6wjrbrrnemrgtvpusjsqocxm