Напрямки формування професійних компетенцій у майбутніх журналістів

Анікеєнко М. П., Бутиріна М. В.
2020 Zenodo  
This article analyzes directions of transformation of professional competencies for future journalists under the act of technological changes and new societal requirements to the journalistic profession. This study aims to show the problem of predominance of knowledge component in competence-based model and deficiency of other elements of journalism such as abilities, skills, professional qualities, values, guidance. Special attention is paid to the problem of insufficient level of cooperation
more » ... vel of cooperation with universities, that give journalistic training, as well as with media-organizations that are able to correct a set and maintenance of base professional competences. The research is conducted with the help of descriptive scientific method, analysis and synthesis. The descriptive method was used to outline the main constituents of professional competences of the future journalist. The analysis and synthesis methods were used to educe the way of formation of professional competencies. The study justifies that professional competency development of journalistic training is carried out in two directions – technological one, which provides the capture of digital grounds and newest methods of collection and data processing for journalists, and social one, which requires strengthening of audience approaches and formation of the newest feed-back mechanisms. The novelty of the article can be explained by the fact that the study of professional competencies formation for future journalists is still little represented, which is of scientific interest. The results of this study can be used for future scientific developments on this or related topics. This investigation will help to form and develop the competence of future journalists on the basis of active interaction of different categories of specialist counseling and exchange of experience.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3859775 fatcat:n7kljaktxnburdhb3xxk53ixcy