Feature learning using state differences

Domain-independent feature learning is a hard problem. This is reflected by lack of broad research in the area. The goal of General Game Playing (GGP) can be described as designing computer programs that can play a variety of games given only a logical game description. Any learning has to be domain-independent in the GGP framework. Learning algorithms have not been an essential part of all successful GGP programs. This thesis presents a feature learning approach, GIFL, for 2player, alternating
more » ... move games using state differences. The algorithm is simple, robust and improves the quality of play. GIFL is implemented in a GGP program, Maligne. The experiments show that GIFL outperforms standard UCT algorithm in nine out of fifteen games and loses performance only in one game.
doi:10.7939/r3mw6p fatcat:ohx5zeagdjbthnz2j6n4d7dxja