"Per fortuna ci sono le mucche." Brevi considerazioni sul valore del pañcgavya

Deborah Nadal
2014 Ethnorêma  
This article analyses the value of pañcgavya and its role in Hindu culture and religion. "Pañcgavya" is a Sanskrit word which means "the five of the cow", i.e. milk, curd, clarified butter, dung and urine. These five products can be used one by one or combined together in proper ratio. For centuries they have been used in traditional Hindu rituals as prasad (religious offering consumed by the worshippers), as medicaments in Ayurvedic medicine and as fertilizers and pesticides. Nowadays these
more » ... . Nowadays these cow products are utilized for personal hygiene and for household cleanliness as well. The medicinal usage of pañcgavya, particularly cow urine, is commonly known as "cowpathy" and is very appreciated by Indian, especially Hindu, consumers. The reasons of this success are the eco-friendliness of these natural products and, above all, the fact that they come from the body of the most esteemed animal of India. In Hindu culture the cow is considered to be the highest example of purity and perfection and the best emblem of generosity and plenty. The "five of the cow" are the most important products of this magnanimity.
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