Anisotropic scaling of ripple morphologies on high-fluence sputtered silicon

Adrian Keller, Rodolfo Cuerno, Stefan Facsko, Wolfhard Möller
2009 Physical Review B  
The evolution of Si͑100͒ surfaces has been studied during oblique high-fluence ion sputtering by means of atomic force microscopy. The observed surface morphology is dominated by nanoscale ripples and kinetic roughening at small and large lateral scales, respectively. The large-scale morphology exhibits anisotropic scaling at high fluences with different roughness exponents ␣ n = 0.76Ϯ 0.04 and ␣ p = 0.41Ϯ 0.04 in the directions normal and parallel to the incident ion beam, respectively.
more » ... espectively. Comparison to the predictions of single field and two-field ͑"hydrodynamic"͒ models of ion erosion suggests the relevance of nonlinearities that are not considered in the simpler anisotropic Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.79.115437 fatcat:tr3cy4amovgffoyzmlmxikx4za