Artificial propagation of the shad and pike perch [book]

1903 unpublished
Florida, about November 15, the season of greatest abundance being February and March. In the Savannah Eiver, Georgia, and the Edisto, South Carolina, the run begins early in January and ends the last of March. In the North Carolina rivers these stages of the migration are a little later. In the Potomac Eiver advance individuals appear late in February, but the fish is most numerous in April. In the Delaware River the maximum run is about the 1st of May. It reaches the Hudson River the last of
more » ... arch, and is found in the Connecticut toward the end of April, is most abundant the last of May, and leaves the stream late in July. In the Kennebec and Androscoggin rivers, Maine, it is first taken m April and has left by the middle of July. In the Sfc.
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