Shikha Deka
2017 Journal International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Review   unpublished
In the contemporary world, women have no longer been lagging behind in terms of career development and career goal. BPO is one of the industries, which has witnessed high growth of women participation and recognizes their significant contribution to the sector in several ways. The objective of this article is to analysis whether BPO industry is a means towards empowerment of Indian women or has it emerged as a manifesto for their exploitation. The article examines the current status of women,
more » ... eir roles and the challenges they face at work, discusses the initiatives taken by the industry for gender diversity, to implement woman oriented policies and to promote women empowerment. The article also tries to explore the significance of work-life balance by female workers at workplace. Introduction During the initial stage of the establishment of BPO in India and till few years back this sector was not considered to be a well suited and convenient career option for women. Most of the BPO female workers generally face this question-why are you working in a BPO? The root of this question is the complete unawareness of the existent nature of work profile, working environment and culture of an international BPO. Working in a BPO for general society means working in a call center where employee's job profile is the interactive communication with the client or customers over phone. But the reality is quite different from the general view. BPO industry is no longer confined to calling process.