Physical Characteristics of Red Pepper Powder by Cultivation Area and Variety
품종과 재배지역에 따른 고춧가루의 물리적 특성

Seung-Hee Oh, Hyun-Young Kim, Cho-Rong Hwang, In-Guk Hwang, Young Hwang, Seon-Mi Yoo, Haeng-Ran Kim, Hae-Young Kim, Jun-Soo Lee, Heon-Sang Jeong
2011 Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition  
This study investigated the physical properties of red pepper powders according to cultivation area and variety. Values for density, compressive characteristics, dynamic angle, irrecoverable work, and stress relaxation were analysed. Loose bulk density ranged between 0.40 and 0.50 g/cm 3 , and tapped bulk density ranged between 0.49 and 0.67 g/cm 3 . The highest Hausner ratio was 1.369 for PRmanitta cultivated in Eumseong and the lowest value of was 0.194 for Buchon cultivated in Yeongyang.
more » ... d in Yeongyang. Compressibility ranged between 0.0046 and 0.0092. The highest compression ratio was 1.040 for Myeongjak cultivated in Suwon, and the lowest value was 1.007 for Buchon cultivated in Yeongyang. Dynamic angles ranged between 35.14 and 41.70°. The highest irrecoverable work value was 79.9% for PRmanitta cultivated in Eumseong and the lowest value was 67.9% for Nokgwang cultivated in Suwon. The greatest k2 and relaxation values of stress relaxation characteristics were 1.56 and 42.03%, respectively, for Cheongyang cultivated in Yeongyang.
doi:10.3746/jkfn.2011.40.4.599 fatcat:kyq5jrm5rzhn3mxts4ife5vvoa