Effect of some Improvement Works on the Floristic Composition of the Vegetal Cover in Nardus stricta Grasslands

Teodor Maruşca, Neculai Dragomir, Vasile Mocanu, Adi Blaj, Fănel Tarjoc, Carmen Dragomir, Sebastian Constantinescu
2014 Scientific Papers: Animal Science and Biotechnologies   unpublished
The study of the floristic composition of Nardus stricta grasslands improved through fertilisation, amendment and re-sowing for 18 years points out a structural change of the vegetal cover compared to the initial state of the floristic composition. During this time interval, the share of Nardus stricta dropped from 40 to 14% in the variants grazed rationally (without treatments), from 40 to 4% in the variant fertilised with NPK and grazed, and from 40% to the total disappearance of the species
more » ... nce of the species in the variants fertilised with NPK, amended, and re-sowed. The species Nardus stricta was replaced by high-fodder value species such as Agrostis capillaris, Poa pratensis, and Trifolium repens.