On the Evolution of the Vertebrata 1

1879 Nature  
five o'clock the dog saunters leisurely down the road till he meets the stage, he then bounds back to the poultry-yard, catches chickens, bites their heads off, and takes them to the cook! The number of chickens he kills bears a relation to the number of passengers he saw in the stage. •• A gentleman who was stopping at the hotel for a few days went into the woods one afternoon with a gun. When he returned the dog came to him in much excitement to see what game he had taken. Finding his hands
more » ... Finding his hands and his bag empty the dog ran into the forest and returned in less than an hour with a bird, which he gave with an air of compassion to the unskilful hunter.
doi:10.1038/020030a0 fatcat:zfbkkmrmpfaixn5lkx37jsanxu